■Company name

Tohoku bolt MFG. Co., Ltd.

■Date of the start-up of our company

October 18, 1943


■Date of the founding of our company

September 16, 1950


■ISO Policy of Tohoku Bolt MFG. Co., Ltd.

Basic Policy
We grow sustainably as a manufacturer of fastening products that is conscious of the global environment and that customers can trust and rely on.
Quality PolicyAll employees should have a sense of ownership, and develop administrators and strengthen power of team cohesion.
To obtain supplier certification of wind power generations manufactures and ministerial accreditation additionally.
We will further work on our technological capabilities in high-quality hot forging and heat-treated bolts as well as our wide product lineup and immediate delivery system, which are our strengths.
To comply with laws and regulations in all activities.
Based on the reduction of environmental impact, we will implement management measures for prevention of accidents involving environmental pollution and using energy resources effectively.
Occupational Safety and Health PolicyIn order to always be in good health and to spend a cheerful life, we all employees will comply with all laws and regulations, and will tackle together creation of a safe and healthy workplace with zero occupational accidents.


【 Head office & Factory 】

59 Aza Jari, Kurosuno, Izumi Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
z/c 971-8184
TEL (0246) 56-4751 [Main Switchboard] FAX (0246) 56-4575

【 Head office & Sales 】

59 Aza Jari, Kurosuno, Izumi Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
z/c 971-8184
TEL (0246) 56-4571 [Main Switchboard] FAX (0246) 56-4776

【 Tokyo business office 】

9F Ginza Suwaro Building 1-14-9 Ginza,Chuo Ward,Tokyo
z/c 104-0061
TEL (03) 3564-5670 FAX (03) 3564-5671

【 Sendai business office 】

3-1-14, Ougi Town , Niyaginoku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
z/c 983-0034
TEL (022) 284-2675 FAX (022) 284-2655

【 Koriyama business office 】

99-1 Aza Araya, Kanaya, Tamura machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
z/c 963-0725
TEL (024) 943-3311 FAX (024) 943-0222

■Lines of business

Bolt, Dog spike, High-tensile Hex.
Bolt for friction bonding, Fish bolt, Screw spike,
Specific screw parts Heat treatment process for metal products, other general screws

■Factory site

59 Aza Jari, Kurosuno, Izumi Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 15,665㎥
99-1 Aza Araya, Kanaya, Tamura Town, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 809㎥


【 Head office & Factory 】

Slate-covered steel-frame building
Two-story office building
Factory, parlor, and others
Sales promoting office & Storehouse

【 Koriyama business office 】

Office & Storehouse