Originated as a long standing bolt manufacturer of Coal-mining equipment, we produce several types of important fastening products, not only for rails, but also for Bullet train, large excavators, bridges, dams, skyscrapers, tunnels and wind power plants.
Our high-quality large-diameter bolts for infrastructure are required not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.


1. TN hook bolt
2. Fish plate bolt
3. Earthquake proof bolt
4. Screw spike for rails
5. Screw spike for rails
6. Chock bolt for railway switch
7. Taper bolt for crossing
8. Dog spike
9. Rail fastening bolt
Rail fastening bolt, Screw spike for rails, TN hook bolt, Fish plate bolt, Dog spike and others.

Civil Engineering & Constructions

1. Anchor bolt, stud bolt
2. Anchor bolt, stud bolt
3. Bolt for tower crane
4. Pro-bolt for mining
5. Tunnel joint parts
6. Hardware for forging
Anchor bolt, stud bolt, bolt for tower crane, tunnel fitting parts, etc.

Energy plants

1. Wind power bolt
2. Stud bolt
3. Wind power bolt
4. T-type bolt for gas pipe
Wind power bolt, stud bolt, stud, anchor bolt, T-type bolt for gas pipe

Machine Parts

1. Hexagon socket head bolt
2. Hexagon head bolt
3. Pro-bolt
4. Train motor fixation bolt
5. NU bolt
Hexagon socket head bolt, Hexagon head bolt, Train motor fixation bolt, NU bolt, etc..

Types of screws (nominal diameter & application field)