Integrated manufacturing

Advantage of an integrated manufacturing systems

In the past, we received demand to analyze broken bolts of the other manufactures. We analyzed them at our laboratory Nedi Labo, then we clarified that the bolt was broken due to hot forging and heat treatment processing, which were outsourced processes for this bolt manufacture.

If we did not have an integrated manufacturing factory, there would be a cause of quality failures and it will be very difficult to clarify the responsibility of the incident.

Our company, purchasing safe and reliable products, handles all manufacturing process internally from cutting materials, forging, and heat treatment to thread rolling. As the whole production process is in-house, we are able to get production traceability.

Production capacity

  • max.φ110
  • L=1200
Lathe processing
  • max.φ300
  • L=1200
Heat treatment processing
  • max.
  • L=1200

Main manufacturing equipment

CNC automated carbide rim saw cutting machine
Servomotor drive screw press

  • High-radio-frequency heating furnace

  • Industrial robot
Shot blasting
Shot blasting
Lathe processing
CNC lathe
Thread rolling
1000kN Thread rolling lathe
Heat treatment
Case type heat treatment furnace

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