We strive to be a safe
and reliable fastening manufacturer.

The quality of our products,
confidence of customers and quality management.
For all such things, we want to improve our company values
in the domestic and worldwide markets.

I would like to express my gratitude for your loyalty to our company.
Our company has two main operations.


Bolts and fastening manufacturing operation mainly based on hot forging and heat treatment.
Hot forging is to form metals under pressure at high temperatures. Heat treatment is to modify the metal’s hardness and material characteristics by heating and cooling operations. We are constantly refining the craftsmanship that has been cultivated over our long history, introducing the newest facilities and improving the latest technology, thanks to our research & development organization partners. As a result, we provide our products not only domestic but also worldwide customers.


In addition to our own products, we also purchase and sell all general fastening accessories parts.
Based in Fukushima and Miyagi Prefecture, our local community relationship is very strong, including all neighborhood areas. We do our best sustainably for ①Suggestions of products depending on each application, ②Wide range of products, and ③Rapid & accurate delivery.

We have been producing and selling safe, reliable and low-cost fastening products (bolts, screws etc…) for the infrastructure department, including railway, building, civil engineering and construction. We established the “Neji Labo”, a new R&D department and a corporate planning department, in order to produce more valuable products to respond to our customer’s needs. There are always many things to learn, however with technical improvements for all of us, we do our best to become a company that keeps contributing to society.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and continuous support.

February, 2019

Ryuichiro Sekiguchi
Ryuichiro Sekiguchi,
President & CEO of Tohoku bolt MFG. Co., Ltd.