We strive to be a safe
and reliable fastening manufacturer.

The quality of our products,
confidence of customers and quality management.
For all such things, we want to improve our company values
in the domestic and worldwide markets.

“Tohoku Bolt MFG. Co., Ltd.” was founded in 1943 as a bolt manufacture for coal mining. After that, our factory had become a certified factory of the former Japanese National Railways, and we have developed our business with the joy of hearing from our customers’ encouraging voice of ‘For bolts, we entrust all to you because it’s the professional.’

Currently, we are working on a wide variety of bolts and screws that support social infrastructure such as bullet trains, tunnels, bridges, electric power and gas energy with keeping it day by day in our hearts that they are important fasteners related to human life.

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we have strengthened our manufacturing technology, production equipment, and quality assurance system. Specifically, in the last 20 years, we have gradually introduced and run the latest equipment such as forging, screw processing, heat treatment, robots, and large inspection machines.
We particularly have put a lot of effort into our inspection equipment, so much so that we have been asked, “Is it really necessary for a screw manufacturing industry to have such an inspection facility?”

However, no matter how good the equipment is, it is the organizational strength of each employee and team that is the source of technical strength to create a good product (Bolts).
Therefore, we continue to develop human resources with full participation, which may seem inefficient at first glance.
We are also actively tackling the promotion of SDGs, and in 2022 we acquired ISO environment 14001 and health and safety 45001 certification.

We will continue to value the words, “For bolts, we entrust all to you because it’s the professional.” and work together as one to increase the “Security and Trust” from our customers.

February, 2023

Ryuichiro Sekiguchi
Ryuichiro Sekiguchi,
President & CEO of Tohoku bolt MFG. Co., Ltd.